Sunday, May 22, 2011

River Cacheu natural park

Protected area has 800 km2 covered with 68% of mangrove.

Creation Date
December 2000

Resident communities
The estimated population is 7,930 inhabitants.
Ethnic groups present Felupe, Cobián, Manjaques, Baiotes, Balanta
. Banhum and others. There are around 40 villages in the area.

Main objective
Conservation and utilization of mangrove ecosystems and biodiversity: supporting sustainable development through the rational exploitation of natural resources.

The mangrove ecosystem covers 68% of the area and
is considered to be the largest continuous block of mangrove forest in West Africa. Appreciated for its great diversity of flora and fauna, bird population and large mammals such as hippopotamus, gazelle, manatee, guenon monkeys and a large variety of fish, shellfish and shrimps, river Cacheu remains an important ecosystem worth of further research and protection.


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