Sunday, May 22, 2011

Educational and artistic programe

interchange & empowerment of local community

Educational and artistic programe aims to establish a long-term platform for knowledge and experiences interchange, represented either in a more official manner or communicated through artistic interventions. It's main goals are to empower participating community through knowledge distribution and by giving local artists a voice on the national and international level. Group of lecturers and artists is international. Their work covers a large variety of local and foreign issues, with main focus to provide practical knowledge (sustainability, new technologies, languages, computer education,...) as well as tracing and creatively recuperating local traditions (for example: building up a database or incorporation of a local lore into wall painting). Activities are organized in collaboration with Guinea Bissau and foreign NGO's, cultural associations and other socially engaged organizations. In practice the programe is realized through a series of lectures, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, movie screenings, theatre shows and other; a small library and a public internet cafe are to be established as well.

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