Sunday, May 22, 2011

badigue ecovillage

To put guiding principles of the center into practice an environment friendly accommodation facilities for collaborators and tourist will be built. Six traditional round mud huts with wild rice roofing, ecological bathroom facilities, a common space for dinning and relaxing and additional facilities, where personal development activities and holistic body treatment takes place, will be constructed. All these will be powered with the use of sustainable energy resources. Surrounding land is used for farming, breeding plants and animals, based on permaculture conclusions. For educational purposes all the plants are tagged with name and use signs, both in english and kriol. Garden that surrounds the resort will also be the place of artistic intervention (with the emphasis on designing unique garden utilities) which transforms it into enjoyable working and relaxing environment.

If needed, extra accommodation for visitors would be rented in Sao Domingos and surrounding villages (seaside resort in Varela, central Sao Domingos, ...). To offer better insight into the whole region of West Africa trips into neighbouring countries as well as inland arrival to Guinea Bissau through Sahara would be organized. For the means of raising awareness about river Cacheu natural park guided educational excursions with traditional canoes are predicted.

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